Start Inscrieri Ultimate Mudness!

Start inscrieri Ultimate Mudness 2018!

Au inceput inscrierile pentru cursa din 9 iunie. De data asta, puteti alege sa participati la categoria Hobby – 5 km, sau la Elite, cursa cronometrata, in regim de concurs, cu un traseu de 10 km. Ne vedem la circuitul moto de la Ciolpani, pe 9 iunie.

Completeaza formularul de mai jos pentru a te inscrie!


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    • nadene

      martie 10, 2018

      și eu îți mulțumesc (required)

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      martie 14, 2018

      If Bill Maher wants to disarm America he and his ilk should start in the ghettos. 0

    • Genericcialisonline

      martie 16, 2018

      Great post. Also something that I am struggling with at the moment. I know I am definitely more productive when I make a list. Just got to be better at doing it everyday. When things are either very crazy or very quiet, I skip the list and then everything goes pear shaped. I also know the hardest part for me is starting. Once I get started, I can keep going. Most often I do the opposite of “eat the frog. I find it easier to get started with easy tasks and tick them of my list and that builds the momentum for me to get to the more difficult tasks.


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